Leader in Training

Published on May 14, 2015

Senior Vivian Hernandez Built Leadership Skills through Bauer Programs

Vivian Hernandez

While at Bauer, Vivian Hernandez started an awareness organization, studied two majors, received leadership training and even landed a job.

Vivian Hernandez is one of nearly 1,000 students who will celebrate graduation on May 15 during Bauer College’s convocation.

Hernandez has double majored in marketing and management, and like many Bauer students, she worked full-time while in school and made the most of opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

Although she had many responsibilities, when Hernandez joined Bauer, she noticed that she wasn’t fulfilling her passion for volunteering. So, she served as student building supervisor and assistant sports club manager at the UH Recreation Department. She also founded and served as president of an organization called S.P.E.A.K. (Students Protecting Exploited Adults & Kids) which brings awareness about issues such as human trafficking.

But for Hernandez, that wasn’t enough. Through Bauer’s “Connecting Bauer to Business” course, she learned about the Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program (TBLCP).

“I wanted to grow as a student leader at the UH campus and believed that I could learn new things about myself from this program,” Hernandez said. “TBLCP was set up to give you the motivation you needed to get up and get out there as a young undergraduate student.”

The program allows students to get involved and volunteer around the community near campus, while motivating students to reach their maximum potential.

It was through TBLCP that Hernandez learned one of her most important lessons — never give up.

“In my last semester in the program, I was going through a lot and juggling school, work and organizations, and I once thought about leaving the TBLCP program,” Hernandez said. “The last thing that was left was to volunteer 30 hours, so instead of going on a spring break trip, I decided to gather my hours to complete the program. I was very proud and realized that TBLCP was teaching me to be a better leader for others, but myself as well.”

Now, as she prepares to cross the stage, Hernandez is planning to begin work as an executive team leader for Target Corporations, thanks to the help of TBLCP.

“The job market wants more than just good candidates. They want leaders. They want someone that has an understanding of what leadership is, can be and has the potential to be,” Hernandez added. “Leadership may sound easy to learn. However, it is a process that takes dedication and practice. TBLCP prepares you with that understanding.”

By Abigail Leal