MBA Organizations Host Cultural Showcase, Global Fare

Published on February 15, 2010

Bauer MBA Society and NAWMBA Organize Bauer MBA Global Experience
Event Showcases Diversity of Program’s Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni

The Bauer MBA Global Experience takes visitors around the world, featuring student ambassadors from different regions, traditional dress, ethnic cuisine, activities and cultural exhibits.

Two student organizations at UH Bauer College of Business showcased the diversity of the students, faculty and staff in the Bauer MBA program at the Bauer MBA Global Experience: A Passport to International Business and Culture on Feb. 19.

The National Association of Women MBAs and the Bauer MBA Society brought members of the University community together to experience an evening of international culture, entertainment and food.

“This special event aims to showcase the wide spectrum of cultures and experiences present among students and faculty in the MBA program,” said MBA candidate Arlene Truong, vice president of finance for NAWMBA.

“Everyone who attended celebrated the diversity within Bauer College and fostered an appreciation for international business and culture. We also want to provide an understanding of all the unique cultures and economies that were represented at the event,” she added.

This is the second year that the student organizations have held the event, which included displays last year from South Asia (India, Pakistan, etc.), East Asia, Central Asia, Caucasus region, Turkey, Europe, North America (U.S. and Canada), Latin America (Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, etc.) and Africa.

Participants donned garments typical of the region they represented and provided popular foods as well. Each booth showcased activities distinctive to its respective culture, such as getting henna tattoos from Pakistan or practicing calligraphy in China.

Students performed traditional dances from the regions they represented.

“You get to interact with people you might see everyday, but in a new way,” said MBA candidate Sarah Malik, vice president of corporate relations for NAWMBA. “You get to see the same person you see in jeans everyday dressed in a traditional outfit and come to understand how differences in appearance and other cultural traits don’t have a bearing on a person’s intelligence and abilities. I think it is a very valuable lesson that true strength lies in acceptance and understanding of the diversity of our student body.”

For more information about the organizations, visit the Bauer MBA Society website or the NAWMBA website.

By Jessica Navarro