Order Up: Wolff Center Students Cook Up Business Plans for ENTR Competition

Published on April 2, 2014

ENTR Students Put B-Plans to the Test at April 8-10 Wolffest

Students from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship will take over Butler Plaza for three days during the annual Wolffest competition April 8-10.

Students from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship will take over Butler Plaza for three days during the annual Wolffest competition April 8-10.

Get ready, foodies.

Students from the Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the C. T. Bauer College of Business will put their startup skills to the test April 8-10 during the program’s annual Wolffest, an event that challenges teams to create food stands on campus and compete to earn the most revenue and execute the most successful business plan.

This year’s teams have plans to bring the heat by selling wild game burgers, macaroni, fusion wraps and more. During all three days of Wolffest, Bauer entrepreneurship student teams will set up shop in Butler Plaza, in front of M.D. Anderson Library

Wolffest challenges students’ creativity, business aptitude, teamwork and entrepreneurship acumen, serving as both an experiential learning opportunity and the largest fundraiser the senior class will hold this year.

Glenn Figueroa is an entrepreneurship senior leading “Team Duality,” one of the Wolffest teams. As CEO, Figueroa said he and his teammates have been preparing for Wolffest for several months and have already gained experience from it.

“This opportunity will be a great way to gain valuable experience within my industry of interest from the CEO’s perspective,” he added. “During the WCE application process, I made a promise to give back to the program and hopefully improve it in any way possible. As CEO, I am striving to fulfill that promise by elevating the Wolffest standards of creativity, fundraising and net operating profit maximization.”

During Wolffest, students experience the many challenges of starting a business, from the difficulties of organizing, researching and cost modeling, to evaluating their own business’ successes and failures. Students also learn how to work in teams and keep “employees” motivated.

The event is centered on food for the patrons, but the student participants aim to put entrepreneurship in action. This year’s competition will be the biggest yet, with eight teams competing. The program uses Wolffest to celebrate entrepreneurship throughout the University of Houston and the community it serves, WCE Associate Director Ken Jones said.

“Each team must learn to work as a coordinated unit, raise financing, determine a theme and brand, schedule their workforce, align with regulations, determine their finished product, set pricing, control cash and secure customers. The team exercise forces coordination of disparaging schedules, identification of strengths and weaknesses and goal setting,” Jones said.

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By Ann Lynd

This year’s teams:

Blazing Saddles
The Big Game Theory
Dream it Houston
My Big Fat Greek Booth
The CoogUH!