Soto Hits Right Notes with Well Rounded Involvement

Published on July 21, 2010

Music, Academics, Fraternity Underscore Pre-Biz Student’s Dedication to Helping Others

Pre-business student Hugo Soto has just begun his college career but is already actively involved with organizations and special programs at UH Bauer.

When pre-business student Hugo Soto wrote an essay last spring about his pride in the University of Houston, the C. T. Bauer College of Business and Sigma Pi Fraternity, he didn’t expect much more than a letter grade.

But, his words were so inspiring and his passion so contagious, that the paper caught the attention of the national headquarters for Sigma Pi, which published it in the summer edition of their North American magazine, Emerald.

“I believe that I am the one responsible to change the world,” Soto wrote. “I have learned that I have what it takes to truly make a difference in the lives of many people.”

Soto, 18, is actively involved with the UH chapter of the fraternity, as well as leadership initiatives at UH Bauer — this summer, he spent a week in New Caney, TX, with other business students at the college’s inaugural session of LeaderShape, a program designed to help students cultivate and execute leadership skills.

Outside of the college, he works as the regional director of the Houston/Pasadena Spanish Language Chapter of The Children’s Music Foundation, an organization that provides free guitar lessons for children to give them a positive hobby.

Although he has yet to declare which major he will pursue at UH Bauer, Soto has already taken an interest in finance, which he believes will allow him to one day start a company that will combine his love of music with his business acumen.

“With music as my passion and business as my occupation, I think there’s the potential for me to have an independent company focusing on something I greatly enjoy,” he said, adding that he sees himself working either as a CFO or CEO of a music company.

The education Soto has received in just a few classes at UH Bauer has been invaluable in helping him reach his goals. “In a life where sometimes opportunity only comes once, it’s reassuring to know that Bauer offers its students such a strong support network and opportunities I have craved all my life — opportunities for personal, academic and professional growth.”

“I’m fortunate to be here, receiving the education that I know will allow me to one day change the world,” Soto said.

By Jessica Navarro

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  1. Frank Kelley

    Hugo–The intersection of music, business, and community engagement–what a great combination, as well as your writing.

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