Bauer Students Best Globally In The Business of Sustainability

Published on January 17, 2013

Team of Bauer Students Bring Home A
Global Win from 2012 Earthian Competition


Earthian 2012 Competition Team

Bauer students (from left) Kirby Langseth, Shafaq Moosa, Meghan McDowell and Wes Bandini, (not pictured), were the first-ever North American team to bring home a championship in the 2012 Earthian Competition, where they competed against 500 colleges from across the world on sustainability issues.

Four students from the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston kicked off 2013 by winning a global competition and setting a record. The students were part of a team that claimed one of the top ten spots in the 2012 Earthian Competition, in turn becoming the first-ever North American team to win the global competition.

The team, comprised of Wes Bandini, Shafaq Moosa, Kirby Langseth and Meghan McDowell, won the competition that encourages students from across the globe to implement sustainable thinking and to also stimulate the younger generation to step up as role models for sustainability.

During the competition, the team had to identify an issue related to sustainability, critique the issue, and create a proposal for eliminating or managing the issue. The Bauer team identified the issue of carpooling to the University of Houston campus and came up with the solution to create a database of student locations to contact one another to carpool.

“We are so excited to be representing Bauer, the University of Houston, Houston, Texas, and the United States with our project,” said supply chain management junior Kirby Langseth. “We kept our project at the local level and evaluated a sustainability issue right here in Houston.”

“We are proud that because of our backgrounds in finance and supply chain management we were able to create a unique project,” Langseth added.

This year, more than 500 colleges competed, with the Bauer student team coming out on top, winning $3,000 and a three-year engagement from Wipro and their partners in the area of sustainability.

“We were honored to be among the U.S. schools invited to compete this year and even more excited to have the only U.S. team to ever be named a winner in the competition,” said Rockwell Career Center Assistant Dean Jamie Belinne. “Our winning student team had never worked together on a project before, so their accomplishment is even more impressive. This team did a great job of representing the college to the rest of the world as thought leaders in the area of sustainability.”

As the team prepared for the task at hand in Belinne’s GENB 2301 class, they attribute the skills learned at Bauer to their success

“We believe that our project was unique because we were able to use our business background in order to not only effectively evaluate a sustainability issue, but also to develop an idea for a database to facilitate our idea,” finance senior Meghan McDowell added. “We would not have been able to establish our ideas or complete our project without prior knowledge from classes such as Management Information Systems at Bauer.”

By Amanda Sebesta