RCC Lauded for Résumé ER

Published on December 15, 2010

With Rockwell Career Center’s new home in Cemo Hall come more opportunities to expand successful programming like Résumé ER, Belinne says.

The Rockwell Career Center at the University of Houston C. T. Bauer College of Business is one of nine colleges and universities nationwide being honored by University Business magazine’s “Models of Efficiency.”

The “Models of Efficiency” program is sponsored by Higher One, a company that assists in college business office operations, and identifies new approaches for streamlining higher education operations to deliver superior services to students in less time and at lower cost.

“We launched Models of Efficiency to honor those colleges and universities that are applying the same kind of innovation and dedication to service that we’re seeing from leading-edge companies in the private sector,” said Tim Goral, editor-in-chief of University Business. “Bauer College’s innovation really stands out because it succeeded on a quantitative and qualitative level.”

Specifically, University Business pointed to the success of Rockwell’s Résumé ER, an event held in the fall and spring semesters before Career Fair. Career counselors from Rockwell, along with alumni, act as “résumé doctors” and give checkups to student résumés.

“We’re delighted to be recognized for our Model of Efficiency,” assistant dean for career services Jamie Belinne said. “The Résumé ER format has allowed my colleagues and I to significantly improve the quality of our students’ resumes and employability without any increase in staff or budget. That coupled with the Models of Efficiency award is a gratifying commendation for our efforts.”

Home to more than 5,000 students, UH Bauer has a diverse population of students who usually work in addition to attending classes, Belinne added, leaving them little time to attend career development workshops during daytime hours.

Résumé ER solves that issue, giving students the opportunity in between classes to check in with “résumé doctors” clad in white coats and stethoscopes, who offer quick, useful feedback on their résumés.

Belinne and her team have operated the event for four years, attracting about 300 students per semester; the prior one-to-one review model took weeks to serve the same number.