UH Tech Startups Pitch At Bayou Startup Showcase

Published on July 31, 2017

UH RED Labs Collaborates with Rice OwlSpark for Fourth Annual Entrepreneurship Event

Students from UH RED Labs and Rice OwlSpark will pitch their startup concepts to the Houston entrepreneurship community on Aug. 1 during the fourth annual Bayou Startup Showcase.

Students, alumni and faculty from the University of Houston will pitch their startup concepts to the city’s tech entrepreneurship community in August during the fourth annual Bayou Startup Showcase.

The event is a partnership between UH’s RED Labs accelerator program, housed in the C. T. Bauer College of Business, and Rice University’s OwlSpark.

Slated for Aug. 1 at TMCx, Bayou Startup Showcase is open to the public and serves as the final step in a 12-week program for the teams from RED Labs and OwlSpark. The teams’ business ideas implement technology solutions aim to advance several sectors, from virtual reality physical therapy, to stealth-based party games.

RED Labs first collaborated with OwlSpark in 2013 for the inaugural Bayou Startup Showcase, and this summer, the two accelerators shared space in DesignHive, an alt-office concept that attracts technology, advertising, media and information firms to work collaboratively.

“We’re excited for RED Labs Class 5 startups to share their companies with the startup community,” RED Labs Managing Director Kelly McCormick said. “This event gives them the opportunity to implement what they’ve learned during the 12-week course, working toward prospects to further their businesses.”

For more information about Bayou Startup Showcase, visit www.bayoustartupshowcase.com.


Meet the RED Labs Teams:



Ocumens is developing a stealth-based party game that can be played by up to four local players.

Founders: Nancy Lam, Geron Adams, Thomas Laroche, Minjie Kim



DermaVision provides in-patient units the only real time monitoring system for pressure injury prevention in bed bound patients.

Founders: Brad Day, Dr. Luca Pollonin, Tomasz Szymczyk



Inter-ONE provides software that consolidates order information for restaurants with multiple third party ordering services, improving order accuracy, saving space, and helps you save on labor cost.

Founders: Henry Rodriguez, Joshua Weibling, Benson Chu


Blume Laboratories

Blume Laboratories provides a holistic solution for men suffering from low sexual performance.

Founders: Randy Zhou



Drivedia provides location specific ads that merges the customization and tracking of online advertising with the hard to ignore presence of physical advertising using roof-mounted car displays that digitally change depending on location and time.

Founders: Minh Chau Ha, Kamil Madey


Core Simulations

Merging physical therapy and virtual reality, Core Simulations provides an entertaining alternative to standard treatment.

Founders: Johnathan Avila, Carlos Puerta, Zale Bush, Jakob Broaddus, Nicholas Edmonds


Bold Power

Bold Power improves the mechanical strength of membranes used to manufacture chlorine gas thereby allowing chlorine manufacturers to operate efficiently and continuously with longer lifetimes.

Founders: Ben Emley, Dr. Ani Bose

By Amanda Sebesta