Deloitte Session Focuses on Women, Diversity in Business

Published on February 12, 2013

Deloitte Breakfast Panel

A panel of female executives, including Employment & Training Centers President and CEO Irma Diaz-Gonzalez, shared their insights
with students.

Bauer Students Hear from Panel of Female Execs, Participate in Roundtable Discussions

Business students go to class to learn about business essentials, like accounting, finance and marketing. But, on February 8, Bauer students had the unique opportunity to learn from executives about the most important aspect of any business — people. Deloitte invited students to participate in an on-campus panel forum and roundtable discussion focusing on the topics of women and diversity during its second annual session titled, “WINning in the Business World.”

During her opening remarks, Dean Latha Ramchand underscored the role of diversity not only in Corporate America, but also within the Bauer College classrooms.

“The diversity of thought when you come with different backgrounds and expectations creates magic in the classroom,” she said.

Ramchand also shared her own personal experiences and emphasized the importance of being told early and often that there was nothing she could not achieve.

Students Interact with representative

Bauer College students interacted with representatives from Deloitte and other companies during the session.

This was a unanimous sentiment echoed from each of the panelists, despite their varied backgrounds and experiences. The panel discussion was moderated by Anne Taylor, vice chairman and managing partner of Deloitte’s eight-state Mid-America region. The panel was comprised of female executives from diverse backgrounds:  Irma Diaz-Gonzalez, President and CEO of Employment & Training Centers, Heather Mueck, International Financial and Operations Accounting Manager for Marathon Oil Corporation, Jacqueline Phillips, Vice President of Ethics and Compliance for Spectra Energy, and Chow Yu, Vice President of Internal Audit Services for Waste Management.

All of the women shared their stories of climbing the corporate ladder, and the key role that perseverance played throughout their journeys. They also tackled the issue of gender equality in discussing the recent Atlantic magazine article titled Why Women Still Can’t Have It All. Yu described her visceral reaction to the headline and shared that she “took that on as more of a challenge” because you can have it all. Phillips agreed that “you can have the life you’re willing to work to have” and the ‘it’ you want to have simply changes over time. And Diaz-Gonzalez agreed with them saying, “Success is just a mindset.”

Following the panel forum, students participated in roundtable discussions with Deloitte professionals and Bauer faculty, including Department Chair and Professor Kaye Newberry, Professor George Gamble, Director of Accounting Programs Michael Newman, and Clinical Assistant Professor Jim Stinson.

And, as students summarized their takeaways from the table topics, Diaz-Gonzalez praised the students for their willingness to learn and grow, saying “If the future is in your hands, we are in great hands.”

By Sarayu Sundar

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