MIS Class Panel Puts Technology in Perspective

Published on March 16, 2017

Speakers Share Their Experiences Applying Technology with Current Students

Bauer sophomore Michael Valad presents to the MIS 3300 class about his previous experience working to update the Supreme Court of Virginia’s technology.

Bauer College undergraduate students recently received a firsthand look at how management information systems is applied in a professional setting during a panel that brought alumni back to campus.

The panel was part of a two-day event that connected former and current MIS students to share their experiences using various technologies in a series of discussions during Clinical Assistant Professor Emese Felvegi’s MIS 3300 classes.

“I started inviting former and current students to help those in the class recognize the terrific resources they have sitting right next to them or walking the halls with them,” Felvegi said. “Bringing in relevant professional experiences shapes their understanding and future use of the course content, and seeing diverse use of technologies allows students to reach for loftier goals than just an A or a B in class.”

This semester, speakers included finance junior Rachel Kivlighan, MIS/SCM senior and nonprofit founder Mahek Hooda, and SCM senior and former Bauer in D.C. intern Daniel Ortiz.

“I came to the panel because I had more experience dancing than talking in front of a crowd,” said Kivlighan, who earned a finalist spot on reality TV competition America’s Got Talent with her dance team. “It’s important to continue improving yourself during college, and this panel gave me the opportunity to do that.”

Panelist Michael Valad, who previously worked for the Supreme Court of Virginia updating their technology, said: “I came because of the social networking. When I was in the class, I met other people and was able to come up with brilliant start-up ideas with them.”

The speakers shared their experiences applying MIS technologies throughout their undergraduate and professional careers in hopes of encouraging other MIS students to use what they’re learning in the class to further their personal and professional goals.

“Even if you don’t have a technological background, you can use technology to leverage your passions and skill set to make a difference,” Hooda said. “I wanted to communicate to people that they can utilize their social media and technology to tell their story.”

“MIS is not a class that ends when the semester ends,” said SCM senior Abby Griffith, also a Bauer tutor. “It follows you through your various paths in life. It’s very easy to do the minimum and move from one assignment to the next without actually learning or creating value out of the data that was given.”

After class, students also got the opportunity to network with the panelists and exchange information. John Austin, who uses technology to manage his own branch of Cutco, said that was part of the reason he was excited about joining the panel.

“Dr. Felvegi gave me the honor of not only telling people about my job, but also offering them interviews if they’re interested so we can start up a team right away. It was exciting to not only share my experience but also offer students the opportunity to get involved,” he said.

By Priscilla Aceves

Student and
Alumni Participants

Abby Griffith
Aishah Ansari
Daniel Ortiz
Eugenia Rivero
John Austin
Luke Walther
Mahek Hooda
Maya Daou
Michael Hoag
Michael Valad
Oswaldo Vinueza
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