RED Labs Opens New Space In Bauer’s Melcher Hall

Published on August 30, 2013

Bauer College’s Newest Space Takes on Unique Design

RED Labs

Bauer College’s Melcher Hall is now home to renovated space for RED Labs, a technology accelerator for students at the University of Houston.

It’s after business hours on a school night and Melcher Hall’s newest addition is filled with a small group of coffee-buzzed students, intensely working over every detail of their project. Surrounded by comfortable mobile work stations, power plugs and flat-screen televisions, this is a startup’s dream space.

RED Labs, a co-working space and startup accelerator, recently opened the doors to its renovation at the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, bringing unique designs and students with it. The first class of the program began in February 2013 and concluded in May.

The 820-square-foot space was designed with an “industrial coffee house” atmosphere in mind. Students accepted into the program will enjoy perks such as unlimited coffee and ramen noodles, storage lockers and a conference room.

“When we set out to design RED Labs, we wanted to create a space that was unlike anywhere else on campus,” said Hesam Panahi, Bauer clinical assistant professor and creator of RED Labs. “We visited and researched other co-working spaces and worked with an interior designer, a Bauer alum, to develop a functional space that was bright, inviting, and built for ideation and collaboration. As students work on their ventures inside RED Labs, the space will continue to evolve to meet their needs.”

The program takes teams of students with an idea and gives them access to a workspace, connects them to mentors and resources in the startup community and encourages growth of ideas into scalable companies.

The RED Labs space opened during the first week of the fall semester and will have several informal opening parties to celebrate the new space. The program is currently accepting applications.

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