Spring Registration Tips for Undergrads

Published on November 21, 2009

New Registration Procedures and Classroom Clickers in Place for Spring 2010


Falling into Spring. Undergraduate students should schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Undergraduate Business Programs office at UH Bauer to learn more about the registration process.

Spring registration is here, and the Office of Undergraduate Business Programs (UBP) is spreading the word about new registration procedures designed to help students enrolling in upper-level business courses.

Upper-level business classes (classes at the 3000 level and higher) are reserved for students who have completed all CORE and pre-business courses, plus have a degree plan on file. Often, a student who is close to completing his or her pre-business requirements will need to register for an upper-level class in order to fill his or her schedule to progress toward a BBA. These students are in a transition phase called a BBA Mixed Program. All 4000 level courses require a degree plan on file.

There is no longer a cap on the number of upper level courses a student can take while in this transition phase. However, students who have not filed a degree plan must meet with their pre-business advisor before registering for upper level courses to get approved for the BBA Mixed Program. If requirements are already met, students should file a degree plan online to enroll in upper level business classes.

There are students who have been pre-approved to be in the BBA Mixed Program for the Spring 2010 semester. Students that are a pre-business major and have a 2.5 or greater GPA have been automatically placed in the BBA Mixed Program, along with newly admitted transfer students and students in the Honors College.

Dawn Shaw, educational technology specialist for UBP, says students should take the following steps prior to registering for upper level courses:

  • Log-on to MyUH and click on the student service center to find out if you were automatically added to the BBA Mixed Program (only pre-business majors with a 2.5 or greater GPA, newly admitted transfer students and students in the Honors College)
  • Set up an appointment with a pre-business advisor
  • Students who already meet the requirements should file a degree plan
  • After meeting with a pre-business advisor and/or filing a degree plan, register for classes during your specified time at MyUH

Additionally, several new classes will use clickers starting in the spring. The Turning Point Technology Clicker is a portable device that collects electronic feedback from students in the classroom.

Clickers enable professors to track attendance more easily and collect immediate feedback through surveys and quizzes. The following spring courses will be using clickers:

  • ACCT 2331
  • ACCT 2332
  • MIS 3300
  • INTB 3351
  • INTB 3353


Students enrolled in one of these classes can purchase a Turning Point Technology Clicker through CougarByte for around $40. Each clicker can be used in multiple classes simultaneously and reused each semester.

Registration begins Wed., Nov. 18, 2009, and the last day to add a class is Mon., Jan. 25 2010. Students can obtain their individual enrollment appointment by logging in to MyUH. Students enrolled in spring courses have until Mon. Feb. 1 to drop or withdraw from a class without receiving a grade.

For questions about the BBA Mixed Program or clickers, contact the UBP office at 713-743-4900 or bba@mail.uh.edu.

By Lori Reichardt

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