UH Startups Pitch New Technologies at Fifth Annual Bayou Startup Showcase

Published on August 2, 2018

Startup Concepts Cover Health Care and Creative Services

Students from UH RED Labs and Rice OwlSpark will pitch their startup concepts to the Houston entrepreneurship community today during the fifth annual Bayou Startup Showcase.

Students from Bauer College and across the University of Houston are pitching their startup ideas today to Houston’s tech entrepreneurship community at the fifth annual Bayou Startup Showcase.

The event is a partnership between UH’s RED Labs accelerator program, housed in UH’s Bauer College of Business, and Rice University’s OwlSpark.

Held on the UH campus this year in the Student Center Theater, Bayou Startup Showcase serves as the last element of a 12-week program for student teams from RED Labs and OwlSpark, who have spent the summer developing their startup concepts in a co-working space.

RED Labs founders are presenting business ideas that implement technology solutions across several segments, from health care to media and entertainment.

“Bayou Startup Showcase is a demo day for UH and Rice startups that have been spending the summer working to launch their company in our accelerator programs, RED Labs and OwlSpark,” RED Labs Managing Director Kelly McCormick said. “This day gives the founders the chance to introduce their startup to the community, and meet more mentors, potential investors and customers.”

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Founders: Juan Carlos Mier and Mauricio Andrade
Concept: Provide cost and energy savings to commercial and industrial HVAC system users by employing hyper-efficient magnetic motor replacements and low altitude vertical wind turbines for energy recycling (and possible energy generation in buildings more than 10 stories or in geographically suitable locations)


Aurogan Studios

Founders: Alan Phan, Suntasak Chiyakhom, Jimmy Ly and Tin Liu
Concept: Develop Hiraethia, an anime style puzzle/adventure mobile game that combines high quality graphics and a compelling storyline



Founders: Gavin Garvey and Binh Vu
Concept: Launch a tech development company focused on medical devices and therapeutics, specifically a diagnostic device that can detect bacterial infections and determine the best antibiotic to eliminate the infection within a rapid test (about six hours, compared to the current 48-hour standard)


Saulé Designs

Founders: Serena Rock, Roxana Bagheri and Christie Brannon
Concept: Create a customizable bra company aimed at providing solutions for people undergoing physical breast changes while solving individual needs, targeting to customers who have had breast cancer and mastectomies, or are pregnant.


Shoot Technologies

Founders: Simbai Mutandiro, Nabil Ashan and Anthony Leija
Concept: Build a platform that connects people to photographers, simplifying the process of connecting people and photographers to collaborate for photo shoots.

By Jessica Navarro & Amanda Sebesta